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You should read books and blog articles instead of YouTube videos

YouTubers are often information marketeers, gurus, trying to sell you their views, their products, their ego and their channel.

Whereas books and blog articles are more focused on understanding the content, than on the individual and their ideology.

Disadvantages of YouTube infotainment:

  • Low in content-depth and very high in entertainment
  • Too much fun, so the rest of life will be boring
  • Addictive
  • Ideological
  • Information bubble — You never learn to understand why other people have different opinions. You just assume they are wrong.
  • Uses up more dopamine, so you will be less motivated to do things that require focus and discipline
  • Kills your ability to do long-term tasks that require focus
  • Videos often repeat of what you already know and believe
  • You will be manipulated unconsciously against your personal interest, because the information isn’t the only product. You are the product, the YouTube channel is the product. So much is being brainwashed into you.
  • The goal of the videos is to make you want to consume more and more… as a mindless drone. The brightest minds in the world are working for Google trying to make you more addicted.
  • YouTube is feed-based like other social media. The algorithm decides what you watch and you don’t consciously choose what you read. It’s programmed to make you addicted, click refresh and watch more like a drone.
YouTube — A source for information or addiction?
YouTube — A source for information or addiction?

Advantages of books:

  • Higher in content depth
  • Has 500 pages of deep content about a subject instead of 5/10 minutes
  • Teaches you to focus, so contributes to being more present in daily life.
  • The information and the book are the product

Please feel free to contribute! 🙂 I just wrote this down for myself at my blog. I’m happy that I’m less addicted to YouTube and finally able to concentrate on reading blog articles and audiobooks again.

Where to find tech work online in 2020?

I’ve created a compiled a list of jobsites that have served me in the last 10 years for finding new opportunities in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and remote online.


Privileged Jobsites


  • Kubernetes Career Slack channel (#kubernetes-careers)
  • AWS Careers Slack channel (#jobs)

United Kingdom 🇬🇧

I have lived in London for 3 years and can personally vouch for these jobsites.

United States

  • (Not great for non-US citizens to find work, only to get 100 daily spam messages by Indian recruitment agencies)

Remote Work

  • I will complete this list, but there seem to have around 500 applications per job listed on these remote jobsites, so they are not always the best way to find a new position.
  • Google Search: site reliability engineer (filter by last 1 month) Google Searches will help you find a lot of open opportunities with searches like this.

Hacker News 

The focus on Hacker News isn’t on making cheap money, but on high-level technologies, so in my experience the quality is extremely high.

The Netherlands 🇳🇱 Major jobsites

I’m Dutch! Unfortunately a lot of recruiters don’t seem to have direct contact with the hiring managers and many companies refuse to use recruitment companies. It’s probably because of cultural reasons, but that makes working with recruiters in Holland less useful.

The Netherlands 🇳🇱 Smaller freelance jobsites

This is a pretty outdated list. I forgot which of these sites was the best. It seems a lot of people seem completely focused on making money or saving money on the smaller sites.So there isn’t always a great focus on quality over money. The Dutch recruitment market is a bit messy. Often the recruiters don’t have any contacts within the company they are hiring for.

Building a solid online reputation with Github or a YouTube channel will also work wonders.